About Us

About Us


There’s more to the Koncept Ambience Way

More space: Our projects are low-density projects so you will find less number of people every square yard. That’s more space for you, around you.

More nature: We design around the natural flow of the land, be it a rock trail or a water gush that forms the natural landscape. Nature’s architecture gives a vital foundation to our creation.

More fresh: Expect over 70% open areas in our project to promote the free flow of air and freshness that rejuvenates. Extend that walk in the park feeling all over the estate.

More elements: Ambient light, abundant shower of green goodness, pure water, explore being closer to elements around you. Recharging can be a natural process.

More freedom: Meditation calms the mind, but amenities and planning can curate the journey better. The flow of movement continues to nourish the thinking and lets you feel free, feel good. Happiness is a constant partner in an Ambience environ.

When passion and quality work in tandem, the result is bound to be beautiful. Constantly rewriting benchmarks in infrastructure development, the Koncept Ambience Group has invigorated design and architecture with many new possibilities. The special impetus to crafting environs around nature has led to truly green projects. The trail of which can easily be seen in the new world of wellness and happiness that Koncept Ambience is creating for its customers.


Our Skills

KonceptAmbience is empowered with a skilled and talented management team with years of experience in quality infrastructure creation, be it Residential, Commercial, Retail or Hospitality; with client satisfaction as the only objective. KonceptAmbience business processes were certified to be ISO 9001 compliant in the year 2001. In close to three decades of operations, we have taken building and construction beyond their normal connotation and ushered in the era of elite townships, where influences from around the world make their presence felt.


Chairman’s Message


We believe in oneness with nature just as we go that extra mile to create unique projects. We strive to leverage more value to our customers so their investments grow well.

Our ethos revolve around two important cornerstones – Wellness & Happiness. We take care that we follow the path of nature when we do our landscaping, maximising open areas. Similarly, we want the people who inhabit our environs to enjoy pure air, ample light, good water as this leads to more productivity, and therefore, happiness.

Sustainability is our top priority, that’s why our architecture is designed around nature for a clean environment. Stay pure, feel good in an Ambience project, always.



To be an industry-leader in infrastructure creation, by building capital appreciating environs that radiate absolute bliss and evoke pride in ownership.



To create wellness communities that foster productivity and happiness. Our gene of design is around low-density environs with abundant light, air, water and greens.



Passion and Craft that helps deliver an experience with lifestyle that becomes a standard around the cornerstones: Acceptable, Affordable, Accountable & Appreciable


Our Timeline



Living at Whisper Valley has been a wonderful experience for my family. My parents, mostly having dedicated their life to work rediscovered a fun, young side to themselves. My children have many friends and they are able to go about the entire premises freely, playing in the parks, learning swimming and gymnastics  at the club house, cycling on the internal roads, and we are very glad to be able to provide this kind of childhood for them.

Whisper Valley is a wonderfully located and peaceful community today, and Koncept Ambience must be thanked for their vision and courage for pioneering the gated community concept in Hyderabad in a location that was once considered remote. They delivered a well-planned and high-quality gated community, which has become an instantly recognized brand name.


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