Published September 15th, 2022

The phrase ‘my dream home’ comes loaded with aspiration, hope and a sense of pride. Owning a home is a milestone in the lives of most people. Once the possession of an apartment is received, the ‘key’ to the new house also becomes the ‘key’ to unlocking years of suppressed creativity.

Beautifying the place, giving it one’s personal touch is when the process of conversion begins…. that of becoming a ‘home’ from just a ‘house’ with walls! This process needn’t burn a hole in one’s pocket. Either one can hire the services of a professional interior designer, or just dip into one’s own creative streak and get going!

Here are some tips to help you begin that journey.

  1. Prioritize! Plan every bit of the house based on your habits, needs and most importantly, the space available. For eg. If you work from home, a work desk invariably becomes essential.
  2. Check out the natural lighting in the rooms during all hours of the day. This will help you either brighten up a space or cut the harsh glare. A table lamp, curtains/drapes, wall art can all affect the overall mood and energy of the room.
  3. Furniture plays a major role in defining the space. Eye-catching furniture legs help one’s vision go beyond the main structure of the piece. Glass and mirrors also add to the sense of expanse, especially in smaller rooms. Beds that have a base on the ground, make the ceiling look higher. A bedframe with a luxurious-looking headboard can add that royal touch to your bedroom.
  4. Light colors or white walls can make rooms feel larger. The recent trend of painting one accent wall in a dark color or wall-papering it, adds depth, making it a statement space or corner. Once the colors have been decided, try and stick to the same color palette for the other elements such as cushions, drapes, upholstery fabrics, etc. This co-ordination of colors lends a feeling of ‘being connected’, creating a cozy, relaxing space.
  5. Space comes at a premium. Don’t take even a single square foot for granted. Optimize every inch. Think of storage spaces – inside/under beds, wall cabinets, back of doors, windowsills, etc. An old trunk painted in vibrant colors can be used as a coffee table, while the inside can be a storage spot.
  6. Creative zones are an ideal way of adding that ‘zing’ to your living space. Rugs, indoor plants and pieces of art (paintings, figurines, photographs) can accessorize a space that might otherwise make a room seem dull and gloomy. Just adding a line of colorful tiles to the kitchen space can be that one thing you never imagined could transform it so dramatically.
  7. An experience is said to be complete when all 5 senses have been catered to. Having treated the visual aspect with the above tips, add a few scented candles around your home, play some relaxing music, and serve delicious meals. The touch and feel of the paint on the walls, of the fabrics used, will make the ‘home experience’ a memorable one, not only for you, but also for your dear ones who drop in.

Here’s wishing you the very best on this joyous journey of exploring your creative genes!