Published July 22nd, 2022

‘All work & no play, make Rahul & Neha dull kids’

This is a belief strongly held by Koncept Ambience. At every property developed by us, we ensure there is enough play area for children to run about, having fun and frolic. A playground helps in the development of a child, especially in the formative years. Of course, the benefits of having a playground within one’s residential complex is an added bonus. Here’s why…

  1. Safety – parents usually tend to dissuade young children from going to play if they are unattended by an adult. But a playground within your housing society is a familiar zone, ensuring safety.
  2. Happiness – When children are given the freedom to run and play, their faces beam with smiles, thus making sure the ‘feel-good’ hormone is secreted in plenty.
  3. Social skills – When kids interact with other children, they develop a sense of tolerance, basics of team work, problem solving skills, importance of sharing, and more.
  4. Activity – Children tend to sit in a classroom all day, and once home, are usually glued to their study tables. Getting out into the open helps them flex their muscles, and stay active at least for a couple of hours.
  5. Creativity – When kids get together, they enjoy trying out new games, or at least incorporate new aspects in the old games. This helps them think out of the box, allowing their creative juices to flow, and use the entire playground as their canvas.
  6. Language development – Children love communicating with one another, and in the process make an effort to be understood well. Sometimes they go beyond the comfort of their own language and pick up words/phrases from a new language.
  7. Confidence – A future leader can be spotted on the playground. When groups of children get together, usually one or two of them take up the responsibility to either explain the rules of the game or even lead a team.
  8. Health – Physical exercise is an added bonus when children tend to be on the playground. Running, chasing, climbing may not be structured forms of exercise, but they sure keep children from obesity and stressful conditions.
  9. Bonding – When a parent participates in activities on the playground, the child senses involvement. This can lead to a healthy bonding between parent and child.

If you are still undecided, go ahead and book your home at any of our properties. With so many amenities on offer, the playground is not just one more addition….it is a gift for your precious child!