Published November 18th, 2022

‘Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani’! This is a line every NRI resonates with. It doesn’t matter if the person has stayed away from India for 6 months or 20 years. The emotions are the same. There is something magical about being connected to the soil of one’s country of origin. People migrate for various reasons, mostly for better professional prospects. But the draw they have for everything back home is the common denominator.

Today, more and more NRIs are investing in real estate in India. Most Indians leave home for higher education and then choose to stay back for career betterment. With higher incomes, the first thing most want to do is buy a bigger home in a better location for their parents. Starting with an emotional connect, there are many other motivating factors for NRIs to own a home here.

  1. Investment in immovable property in India subjects them to almost no legal formalities, beyond complete registration process
  2. Financial institutions are more than happy to offer loans, as EMIs are payable by remittances from abroad
  3. If and when they choose to return to home ground, a retirement home is in place
  4. A flourishing economy coupled with lower interest rates have added that extra sparkle to the real estate investment space
  5. Easy transfers to a person residing in India, or an Indian citizen residing anywhere outside India, or even to a person of Indian origin residing outside India
  6. With the INR falling nearly 11% against the USD since the beginning of this year, investing in property for NRIs has turned out to be a huge advantage
  7. Initiatives such as RERA, regulations around payments have given the markets a credible, transparent perception
  8. A substantial chunk of the real estate offerings today centre around luxurious living. NRIs are accustomed to a certain standard of living abroad, most of which is now available even in India.
  9. Lastly, the income from rentals have also been on the rise in addition to the capital appreciation on properties.

With so much happening, if you are an NRI sitting on the fence about investment choices, think no more. Connect with us at Koncept Ambience Group and allow us to guide you about attractive real estate investment options.