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Published January 27th, 2022

‘Woodsong’ around the mangoes – where small is beautiful & convenient
Would you rather live in a large sprawling house, far away from the city, forcing you to commute long distances, or, would you prefer a compact home with amenities galore, located where all the action is? What we are referring to here, is your everyday home, and not a weekend one. Yes, huge, open spaced houses are an attraction but how convenient are they for regular living?

Compact homes – a preferred choice
As family structures become more and more nuclear, the new generation especially, prefers homes that are compact and situated in a location that is well-connected. A compact home also means more affordable, especially when there are loans attached. A home with a low maintenance also translates as a prudent decision, vis-à-vis a rental home where rents keep escalating year on year, without any ownership strings. Moreover, a compact home is easier to clean, lessening one’s dependency on domestic help.
A few years down the line, if you choose to move into a larger home, or have to move to another city, your home could be rented out, thus creating a fresh source of income for you.

Woodsong’ around the mangoes – make this your home
Here is a neighbourhood located in a mango orchard spread over 20 acres, housing 185 immaculately designed 3 & 4 BHK luxury villas. Here, the freshness of nature greets the smartness of technology. Where wellness and happiness are a way of life, as architecture cajoles design to provide the best in every square foot. Here is a project that not only offers you affordable compact homes, but also gives you an experience of expanse, as soon as you step out of your home, into the mango orchard!
Moreover, located just off Sarjapur road, not far from Marathahalli and Whitefield, ‘Woodsong – around the mangoes’, is a haven not too away from the heart of the city. Located on Gunjur road, the location offers a plethora of corporate offices, malls and hospitals within a short drive.

Space galore….
At ‘Woodsong – around the mangoes’ you will experience vast, thoughtfully designed open spaces, inspiring you to go on long walks either by yourself or with another. You might even want to just sit in a quiet nook amongst the beautiful plantations, and watch the world go by. There is ample space available to children for fun, frolic and play too.
In addition to this outdoor luxury of space, even our villas are designed creatively, offering you indoor pockets of leisure space.

The stamp of credibility
A ‘Koncept Ambience’ project, ‘Woodsong – around the mangoes’ brings with it a rich legacy. The organisation’s mission to create wellness communities that foster productivity and happiness can be experienced in every project undertaken by ‘Koncept Ambience’. Spread across 3 cities, with a whooping 6 million sq. ft. delivered, ‘Koncept Ambience’ has provided dream homes to a number of happy families.
With such a stellar track record, ‘Koncept Ambience’ is now all set to spread happiness in the city of gardens – Bangalore.