Published October 31st, 2022

Yet to realize your dream of owning a house? Is that house you just saw and fell in love with slipping away because you don’t have the funds?

Here’s an option. Have you considered booking your dream home while under construction? That way you will have enough time to plan your finances and also start collecting all those knick-knacks you always wanted for your home.

That’s not all! The benefits of booking a home in an under-construction project are myriad. Here are some:

  1. Higher appreciation, when compared to ready to move in properties.

With the right project, in the right location, reliable developer, it’s a win-win for you. When you decide to go with an under-construction project, the entry price points are low, allowing your investment to appreciate over time.

  1. RERA has stringent rules when it comes to developers’ delivery timelines. If they default, they are liable to pay a hefty compensation to the home buyers. Which means, your interests are safe-guarded.
  2. Some buyers are particular about the direction their new home would face, while also being choosy about the floor level they want to stay on. Sometimes, even the apartment number plays a role numerologically. All these desires can be fulfilled when one books a home in an under-construction project.
  3. The property you purchase in an under-construction project vis-à-vis in an old construction has the advantage of new technology, latest building material and new features. This means, when one receives possession, one needn’t worry about immediate repairs for the next 5 to 7 years at least.
  4. Today, Home Security takes precedence over most other features. When a property is under-construction, one is assured of acquiring a home with the state-of-art security system.
  5. A rupee saved, is a rupee earned. An under-construction project has many attractive offers and discounts, especially when booked on auspicious occasions such as Dusshera, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Akshaya Tritiya, and others.
  6. Some developers allow you to make structural changes in an under-construction project. Also, if one wants their kitchen or bedroom to be a particular way, the developer might permit a change in the layout, provided no load bearing beams/walls are touched.

What’s stopping you now? Go on, do your due diligence and book that dream home now in an under-construction project. Watch your house come up and get ready for the big day of receiving possession.

After all, ‘Intezaar ka phal meetha hota hai.’