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Published July 19th, 2021
Getting your interior design just right!

Few things can match the feeling of being welcomed by a home you call your own. It’s also satisfying to see and hear the reactions of your guests as they take the space in and know what it’s all about. At Koncept Ambience, we are all about getting your exteriors set up according to your needs but we’re also here to help you get your interior design just right. Here are a few tips you can follow.

Work with what you have – just by looking at all the decor you own with a fresh perspective, you may find that you already have a good base to start making your new home ready to live in. Take a few moments to plan things out room-by-room, decide what stays and what does not.

Get the amount of space right – This can be a critical factor when laying out furniture. Keep away from huge articles that overpower the room and leave virtually no space for other things. Space things out well to avoid overcrowding and cluttering the room.

Get moving immediately – The longer you sit around and accept the space you live in, the less likely you are to make changes. Try to get things out of the way in the early days of moving into your new house when it comes to painting and arranging furniture.

Lighting – A good place to start decorating is with the lighting. Explore the kinds of ambience you want your home to have. Decide what parts of your home you want to keep subtle, while you highlight others. Lighting helps to draw attention toward or away from certain features, so use this to your advantage.

Indoor plants – While you’ll be surrounded by greenery outdoors at a Koncept Ambience property, it helps to beautify your indoors as well. A few well-placed plants will not only enhance the look of your house but will also go a long way in ensuring clean air within your walls. You can also talk to us about setting up your own home gardens.

Fix your expenses – There’s no getting away from expenses, but it always bodes well to have a fixed expense in mind and keep a watchful eye on how much you want to spend on your interiors.

Finally, choose a home that fits your needs and the rest will follow. Do browse through our website to find yourself a well-designed home with enough space for all your dreams.

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