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Published July 18th, 2021
Learning to live and love the work-from-home situation

Are you settled into the COVID-19 induced work from home scenes? Is your organisation planning to make it the new normal for many more months? Working from home comes with its set of benefits and concerns. You get the advantage to plan your day your way and dress up the way you like, however, sometimes productivity can get impacted. Maintaining the work-life balance and not getting disturbed while at work is crucial.

If you have to continue working from home in the near future, then why not move into your own abode? With home loan interest rates at an all-time low and most developers offering attractive home buying schemes, now can be the perfect time to buy a house. Moreover, with a work from home scenario, you can move into your new home, design it as you desire and reap the many benefits of working from your own home.

Home with Office: If you want you can choose a home with an extra room that can get converted into your office. Walk into the room, disconnect with the outside world and work comfortably. It can be a wonderful way to keep distractions at bay, manage your work schedule and deliver all work on time. This comfort of a spacious home can lead to increased productivity, quality of work and efficiency.

Design your Workspace: It’s your abode, you can finally design your workstation. Explore the different work from home kits, invest in a sturdy desk and comfortable chair and spruce up your office space. You can work comfortably and have a designated place to sit and work from your home.

Choose a Spot with a View: If your home comes with a beautiful view, then you can plan your workstation around it. You will end up spending a sizable part of the day working so having a workspace with a view can come to your advantage. Alternatively, you can accentuate the balcony with pots and plants and have a serene view. You feel like doing such modifications and investments when you live in your own home. Isn’t it?

Increase Your Savings: Working from home must be adding to your monthly savings. With curtailed transportation or wardrobe expenses, your savings bucket must be increasing. Buying a home will help you in channelising your savings in the right direction and you can also increase it as you can save on tax when you take a home loan. It works as a win-win situation.

Achieve a Work-Life Balance: To reduce the rental expenditure, if you have been compromising on the house or gated community, then now is the time to reward yourself and give your family a beautiful and cosy home with plenty of amenities. With reduced outings, if you move into society with amenities, you and your family can have a new lifestyle and spend some time in the common garden, play area and sports arenas. Such facilities will come as a warm welcome for you too after a long day at work.

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