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Published July 19th, 2021
The benefits of having open spaces around your home

When it comes to choosing a home that’s well connected to urban hotspots, there has been an increased demand for customers preferring a project that also emphasises the importance of wide-open spaces surrounded by the best that nature has to offer. While the benefits of such spaces might seem obvious, there are several unforeseen benefits to living in such a property.

While building codes in India demand that real estate developments allocate at least 10% of their area to open spaces, which includes tree-lined green scapes, kids’ play areas, swimming pools, parks and more, most projects in urban areas are unable to meet these requirements due to space constraints.

However, such projects, even if rare, contribute significantly to the emotional and physical well-being of its residents. Open spaces that encourage people to live closely with nature result in people being more active and willing to engage with fellow residents. By providing a safe haven from the polluted environs of the city, they’re quite literally a breath of fresh air in every regard. Children play more, learn more and are inclined to perform better at school and extra-curricular activities when they are free to roam around with their friends in a safe and well-planned environment.

At Koncept Ambience, we go to extra lengths to ensure that you have all the space you need. This includes planting climate-responsive trees and shrubs, having plenty of water bodies and creating specialised cul-de-sacs for you and your family to relax in. For example, one of our Bangalore based villa projects is located in a mango orchard. At Woodsong, you’ll get to be surrounded by fresh air and come mango season, you will be greeted by the fragrance of hundreds of mango trees in bloom.

Come, find your space at one of our properties by contacting us for more information today!

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