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Published July 19th, 2021
Why having a home in a central location is an advantage

With the level of hustle and bustle that goes along with city living, making long commutes to and from work creates a level of inconvenience that adds to a mounting level of stress. There is a large amount of time that has to be spent on travelling that may well be better utilized doing other things. Here are a few reasons why it is better to live closer to work:

Save time and energy – By cutting short the commute from work to home, the amount of time spent can be minimised and used more profitably elsewhere. The stress of having to negotiate traffic jams and worrying about being punctual can be done away with by living closer to work. In saving this time and energy, you can do things that you enjoy, such as exercising or reading, as well as having more time to spend with your loved ones, allowing you to be focused on what matters.

Control your expenditure – The ever-increasing fuel costs, as well as hikes in transportation charges, make the journey to cover the distance from work to home all the more difficult. Living closer to work can help save money by reducing these expenses

Reduce the chances of being late – Proximity to the workplace ensures that you can maintain a professional image by always being on time, and never having to apologise for being late. The avoidance of having to endure long hours in traffic also does much to elevate your mood, so that you can always give your best at work.

Maintaining good health – Having to cover long distances to arrive at the office means that there is a chance you’ll be compromising on your meal and sleep cycles. Sitting in a moving vehicle for long periods also makes it harder to maintain a good posture. Strenuous commutes eventually end up taking a toll on your health in some form or the other.

Help the environment – The more time you spend travelling in a vehicle, the greater is your contribution to the air pollution that all modern cities struggle with. Be environmentally conscious by doing things on an individual level to bring down the level of deterioration. A shorter commute to work or better yet, an office within walking distance is one of the most effective contributions you can make to help the environment.

It is clear that we can not only improve the overall quality of our lives by reducing the time we spend on our daily commute, we can also have a positive impact on the environment by doing so. At our latest project, Ambience Downtown, we’ve strived to create your oasis at the heart of this bustling city. Find your escapes within the property and stay close to everything your heart desires. Find out more about properties by browsing through our website.

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